Wednesday 11 April 2012

hush hush review

Title: hush hush
Author:Becca Fitzpatrick
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Category: Young Adult

Ok guys, so here it goes, my first online book review. Be gentle! I'm not going to make it too long and yes i have been procrastinating writing this as i am a little nervous. Here we go ... see you after the leap!

Angels on earth, and a war between the fallen and humans. Tangled amidst the unfurling plot is a love story, a savvy protagonista and a 'good in all the right ways' bad boy. I loved this book.

 Nora Grey is a seemingly average teenage girl with generally good sense and better judgement than most. Suffering the loss of her murdered father she focuses on study and leaves flirting to her best friend. However, all these aspects of her personality begin to falter after her biology teacher moves her next to a dark and dangerous boy named Patch. Despite her best efforts and against her better judgement she is pulled into a world where putting her trust in the wrong person could mean the end of her life; but with all the conflicting events and emotions emerging, how can she be sure of whose intentions are good?

I am a sucker for romance and i have a morbid fascination which often leads to me reading paranormal fiction. I like the dark and ominous characters and Patch completely fit the bill. I felt that there was a twilight like element to the way the story was presented and am sure twihards would love this book. Fitzpatrick writes beautifully and i was so hooked i read the book in one day (around changing nappies, feeding and occupying my children!) I felt that the novel was well paced and structured to sufficiently answer enough and give enough questions to ensure i stayed interested.

When reading i like to feel as though i am in the world of the novel. This did it for me, i was convinced that everything rwas really taking place and it helped to validate the story, which for me is veryimportant. I want the characters, the place and the events to be believable even though they are fictional and this book ticked the boxes.

I cannot wait to read the next books although i am nervous i may be setting my expectations high for character and plot development. Don't break my heart Becca Fitzpatrick! I know im a bit behind with beginning this series as is came out in 2010, but as the 4th and final book is not released until later this year, i have a chance to catch up.

If you have read this book what did you think? No spoilers for the sequel but is it as good as this one? I will soon find out as i'm hitting the bookstore or library tomorrow! So i made it to the end! I hope this review is coherent and useful, thanks for reading!

love in abundance,


Saturday 7 April 2012

Let me introduce you to my blog :)

Hello dear readers,

I have been wanting to start a blog for a very long time and have been pathetic in my attempts to make it happen! Curently my youngest daughter is asleep and my husband is at the Park with my eldest daughter. For some reason i felt that today was the day i needed to make the jump and get it started, if not now when? I believe that this blog will be somewhat of an outlet for me. A place to explore and document my musings on life and write reviews on books i have read. I don't know how often i will post but i imagine it will be as and when, children permitting. I hope to hear from you all and am looking forward to grabbing this bull by the horns! Your creative feedback and general responses will keep me commited and i would greatly value them! This little blog may contain anything related to motherhood, art, novels ... heck it may even stretch to and lightly touch upon makeup and fashion. So sit back and enjoy the read ;) I look forward to experiencing this blogging journey with you all.

love in abundance,